Sugal & Damani

Sugal & Damani pioneered the business of operating Government licensed lotteries, across the country. Since then, Sugal & Damani mastered every aspect of the lottery business, from designing and developing technology and operations. With lotteries as key focus, Sugal & Damani since then diversified into a suite of businesses, comprising Information Technology, Commercial Services (Online Services), Real Estate etc. Each of these enterprises share a common ideology to provide and maintain high standard quality and service.

Sugal & Damani is committed to maintaining a leadership position in the country, through technological superiority, operational efficiency, and a strategic & qualitative edge. Sugal & Damani endeavor now, is to extending this experience to other similar markets, by creating opportunities through strategic partnerships.

Apart from these enterprises, Sugal & Damani is actively involved in philanthropic activities across India.  It has played role of generous benefactor and funded project of healthcare and other areas of community development.

While being successful in business has various mantras, Sugal & Damani has strong ethical foundations and believes in; Integrity, Commitment, Efficiency, Direct community benefits, Customer service and profitability for all parties involved. The core values are inculcated into all employees, retailers and even vendors and subcontractors. Sugal & Damani ensure these values are never lost sight of under any circumstances, regardless of the goals we have to achieve


To be a globally successful diversified business group with a strong commitment to the society.


  • Institution Building
  • Innovation
  • Empathy
  • Excellence
  • Expression
  • Transparency:


Sugal & Damani have vast experience in operating the lottery business in all its diversified form, widespread geography and under variant regulatory conditions. To supplement the in-house development of application software, Sugal & Damani has developed experience in networking solution and infrastructure rollout.

Sugal & Damani, had in the past, successfully assisted various State Governments in designing, organizing and implementing various popular lottery schemes to garner resources for their social welfare activities.

At present, Sugal & Damani is Sole Selling Agent / Marketing Agent for State of Punjab Maharashtra, Sikkim, Mizoram, Goa and Arunachal Pradesh and successfully marketing their lottery schemes whereby the State Government are earning substantial revenue for their social welfare activities.

Sugal & Damani have a network of offices spread throughout the country and also have a large team of adequately trained manpower in various facets of the lottery business.  At present Sugal & Damani is maintaining a network of over 25000 point of lottery sales terminals in India

Sugal & Damani, through its joint venture partner, also operates lotteries in Nigeria and providing technology and operational expertise to a large number of global operators within Africa.

Sugal & Damani’s journey for International lottery market begin with the participation in bidding process for UK National Lottery third license, which is one of the most reputed lottery in the world.  Sugal & Damani was the only successful bidder against the Camelot and was considered as a reserve bidder.  Ever since, it is focusing on emerging global markets with the deep understanding, interest and the appreciation of gaming requirements and challenges of such market.  The gaming operations in African continent are operated under Winlot brand and technology provided and supported by Skilrock with  more than 19000 point of sale terminals operating outside the country.

Sugal & Damani is also operating game of skill under the brand name of KhelPlay and also recently awarded as one of the 3 licenses for online gaming by the State of Sikkim.

Leader of Indian lottery operations with more than 25000 point of sale terminals in India Around 19000 points of sale terminals overseas.
conducted more than 18 million transactions a day.
Having more than 65% of market share

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